June 3, 1944: Eichmann offered Kasztner an additional "prize" of permitting prominent Jews from the provinces to come to Budapest with the eventual goal of having them emigrate to Palestine.

June 5, 1944: Shertok and Ben Gurion visited the High Commissioner for Palestine (Sir Harold MacMichael), and emphasized that many Jewish lives might be saved if Germans were impressed that important negotiations were impending.

Sir Harold dismissed the entire offer as a "Nazi intrigue based on far other motives than the apparent ones."

June 10, 1944: 388 Jews (out of 18,000 in the Kolozsvar ghetto) were brought to Budapest on a special train and placed in a "privileged camp" built in the courtyard of the Wechselmann Institute for the Deaf on Columbus Street.

June 19, 1944: Moshe Krausz sends an abbreviated version of the Auschwitz Protocols together with a report on the fate of Hungarian Jewry to Switzerland.

June 30, 1944: The Kasztner transport (1,685 persons) leaves Budapest.