May 2, 1944: Vaada leaders send telegram to Istanbul urgently requesting Turkish visas for Brand and Winninger to enable them to meet with unspecified leaders of world Jewry to discuss Eichmann’s offer.

Wording of response from Istanbul ("Chaim is ready to receive delegation. . .") suggests that Chaim Weizmann, the head of the World Zionist Organization was informed of the "deal." In fact, the "Chaim" referred to was Chaim Barlas, the local Istanbul representative of the Vaada. That was the first instance in which Eichmann was mislead, albeit unwittingly.

May 10, 1944: Kasztner is arrested by the SD Sicherheitsdienst), security service at the instigation of Brand and Grosz whom Kasztner oppososed for the Istanbul mission. He was released with a warning two days later.

May 15, 1944: Mass deportations of Hungarian Jews to concentration camps begin.

Eichmann summoned Brand for the last time informing him that all travel arrangements for him have been completed; urges Brand to meet with world Jewish leaders as well as with Laurence A. Steinhardt, a Jew, who was American Ambassador in Ankara.

May 17, 1944: Brand is taken to Vienna by Hermann Krumey, accompanied by Bandi Grosz.

May 19, 1944: Brand and Grosz left Vienna and arrived in Istanbul. Brand was detained in Istanbul and was only able to communicate his mission to the local Zionist leaders. Chaim Barlas transmitted the details of the Eichmann offer to Laurence Steinhardt.

May 22, 1944: Kasztner is introduced to Eichmann by Hansi Brand; Eichmann confirms to Kasztner an offer made earlier by Krumey, to permit the exit of 600 holders of Palestine immigration visas.

May 25, 1944: Steinhardt notified the U.S. State Department of the Eichmann offer by diplomatic telegram.

Moshe Shertok (Sharett) and David Ben Gurion were briefed about the Eichmann offer by Wenia Pomerantz.

May 27, 1944: Kasztner, his wife, Hansi Brand, Sholem Offenbach, treasurer of the Vaada, and his wife were arrested by the Hungarian police. Hansi Brand was beaten so savagely that she could not stand for a week. Six days after their arrest, the group was freed through the intervention of the SS.