November 4-5, 1944: Fourth series of meetings between Kasztner, Saly Mayer, Kurt Becher and Roswell McClelland (a representative of the WRB) in St. Gallen and Zurich, Switzerland.

November 26, 1944: Becher returns to Budapest from a meeting with Heinrich Himmler.

November 28, 1944: Kasztner departs for Switzerland, accompanied by one of Becher’s adjutants, Hauptsturmfuhrer Krell.

December 5, 1944: Kasztner and Krell meet with Saly Mayer at the Swiss border.

December 7, 1944: The second group of the Kasztner transport, consisting of 1,368 Jews, arrives in Switzerland.

December 23, 1944: Budapest is surrounded by Soviet troops; Becher leaves Hungary.