We are in the process of building an electronic memory book that consists of information and stories about participants of the Kasztner transport. It is our hope to make individual pages documenting the lives that were saved by Rezsö Kasztner. With that in mind, any information you have on any of the participants would be greatly appreciated. In addition, if you have any pictures you feel would be relevant, we would love to include them on the site. Please email us at egonmayer@aol.com or call us at (212) 817-1947.

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As each year passes, it becomes more important to remember the stories of the Holocaust. We welcome any story, anecdote, or update about the life of anyone on Kasztner's transports. Please include as much information as you have. The more complete the entry is, the more valuable it will be to future generations.

We have copies of a first-hand account of Kasztner and his rescue mission from a survivor which we would be happy to send you.

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